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Maybe you have stumbled upon this website, or have received some devastating news, or are possibly a bereaved mother, father, or family member. Regardless of what brought you here, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Losing your baby is so devastating, and heartbreaking. Know that there is no timeline to grief, and that healing looks different for everyone. Be gentle with yourself, and your heart. I am holding you close in my heart, and want to offer any support that I can for you.

Please know that you are cared for, loved and supported here.


Bereavement Care

Maybe you have experienced a loss recently, or many years ago.  My heart hurts with yours. 

I am a bereaved Mother myself, with three littles here on Earth, and three that are above. I miscarried when I was in the first trimester, and can understand the heartache, and grief that comes along with mourning your precious babies. Healing Hearts is a ministry I have, that offers: love, support, compassion, information, care packages and community. 

As your doula I provide support for miscarriages, stillbirth or any other traumatic birth experiences. I am there to provide support for any trimester loss. This service is offered free of charge through Healing Hearts.

I am here for you, in whatever way you need, or are most comfortable with. I am available for emotional long term support via email, phone, Facebook, or personal meetings if necessary.

Feel free to connect through a variety of methods: social media,  e-mail, phone, or through the website: